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  1. Criminal Defense
    Criminal Defense
    With over 24 years of legal experience and excellence, our Attorneys are committed to providing the highest level of Legal service to our clients involved in state and federal matters.
  2. Divorce &  Family Law
    Divorce & Family Law
    Working hard to serve Philadelphia and all surrounding counties, including Montgomery, Bucks, Chester and Delaware, our Divorce settlements, Support and Custody matters are result driven.
  3. Personal Injury
    Personal Injury
    If you have been injured in an automobile accident, through negligence or a wrongful accident, such as a slip and fall, we can provide representation to get the justice you deserve. At Justice Law Center, our focus is the well being of our clients.
We Fight for You!
Top Defense Lawyers on Staff
As a member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association, Mr. James Marsh, Owner, Senior Partner & Lead Counsel is also admitted to practice in the US Supreme Court, US District Courts and US Court of Appeals.
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    Criminal Defense
    Our Attorneys provide the strongest defense for DUI, White Collar crimes, Drug and Violent Offenses, Theft, and Misdemeanors, Manslaughter/Homicide, Bench Warrants & Probation Violations, Sexual Offenses & Felony cases.
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    Divorce & Family Law
    Our Legal team supports our clients through these difficult and emotional times from a Divorce to Custody and Support Matters
  3. 3
    Personal Injury
    When an injustice has occurred, we fight for your rights and settlement. We represent clients that have been injured from a vehicular accident, slip and fall, or through Negligence.
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    Legal Advice
    Our advice is genuine and based on years of legal experience and practice. We are always available to discuss your case.
Fighting for your Rights
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  1. Trained Attorneys
    Our clients get the best with decades of Legal experience and savvy.
  2. Committment
    Our Attorneys give 100% to our clients, working through the night while you sleep peacefully.
  3. Free Advice
    Call us now to talk to an attorney about your case and see how we can serve you.